Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thunder Storm New (sort of) Macbook Y Mas!!!

Yes.  As I write this entry a storm is raging outside.  Plans were made to deliver and set up a PA system amongst other things @ the new rehearsal spot for the Boss Level but to no avail.  Funnel clouds began to appear over North Carrollton & Coppell, so traveling in the thick of the affected area with two gynormous B-52 speaker cabs and more seemed like a bad idea.  Despite this, what this abrupt situation afforded me was quiet time to write, read, and explore online thanks to a new addition to my quasi-new macbook.
Ah yes, my white model two month old macbook is a gem thus far.  Though my house experienced a very brief power failure, literally less than five minutes after my roommate called to request that his iMac be shut down, I still have battery life to enjoy the simple things, like viewing my friends short films on YouTube, reading other's friends blogs, checking out a few Katy Perry music videos (I wish I could say it was simply for the music...if it was, what would be the purpose of watching the music video) & sharing a little bit of my life & perspective with whosoever reads this.
The reason I needed a macbook was primarily to expand the sonic possibilities of my band & to do so with less gear than I use now, but I admit just being portable, untethered to a power source is oh so very nice.  Phase one complete...on to phase two, getting a kick-ass midi controller and diving into more of Reason & possible Ableton Live, but that is simply geek talk for all my electronic musicians out there.  What is far more engaging is how these devices affect us, for I know how it's affecting me.
As I said before, my primary reasons for the Macbook were to utilize it as a musical asset.  Too many times in the past have I been on the road away from the home studio longing to be able to create rather than waste time in hotels, vans, etc., but now that I've got it I feel energized to do much more.  I want to edit video, nothing crazy, just some video blogs...possible comedy sketches.  I want to stretch out into photography, nothing major just explorations in what is possible post point & shoot.  I want to do it all.
I think that's why I identify with producers and got my degree with a production emphasis.  I love creation, and want to inspire others to create as well.  I value individuality and originality, even when I celebrate it thru "quoting" musically or verbally.  I've never begun a project with an intent to plagiarize, but recognize when aspects of music, images, or stories coincidentally hold similarities to things past.  I believe that it was Igor Stavinsky that said, "Good composers borrow...GREAT composers steal."  Great quote, but very similar to T.S. Elliot's, "Immature poets imitate...mature poets steal."  I wonder who said it first.
Regardless of when it was said, all that matters is it holds truth within its words, for all that came before inspires what comes next.  Richard Linklater's, Waking Life led me to believe that the moment the ideas are out there those in tune to them gravitate towards them, use them as fuel to carry them to where they want to go or what they are trying to discover.  Though in this technological and informational age where the vehicles may have changed, the process remains as it has always been.  T.S. Elliot also was quoted saying that, "Art never improves, but the material of art is never quite the same."  What was good will always be good, I'm just glad to be turned on by another tool of the trade & look forward towards the possibilities.  I'm tuned in once again.  It is time to transform potential energy into something kinetic.

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