Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Casualties in the Battle of the Sexes - Round 2

CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO FOR FRAME OF REFERENCE...(I wanted to embed the video, but no dice.)

Recently, I came across a video that a friend of mine shared online. It was a parody/response to the "Men's Last Stand" commercials for the new Dodge Charger. For those of you unfamiliar with the commercial, it's basically features a number of guys staring intently into the camera as a voiceover lists the many compromises "men" make for "women" in relationships so that they can earn the right to choose the automobile they want to drive.
The parody/response uses the same visual context but shifts the perspective to that of a female. Some of the compromises listed deal with normal relationship issues, but most of what is presented argues popular political and social stigmas from a feminist point of view. Whereas the original commercial utilized minor agitations of emasculation to sell an American MUSCLE car, the parody is far less humorous in it's presentation. While many of the comments that my homegirls posted in regards to the parody were supportive of its views, most of them stated that the video wasn't as funny as it was depressing.
While I sympathize with my sisters, I began to think of the dichotomy based within these videos/commercials & found it complimentary to the subject matter of my previous posting on the "Battle of the Sexes". Lately, the most popular complaints are that of guys complaining of emasculation, women arguing sexism, & both parties placing the blame on one another rather than presenting indictments on indoctrination, nature vs. nurture, instincts, etc. To try to lighten the discussion & offer a humorous counter-argument to the parody, I wrote the comment listed below. I hope you enjoy!

1) I can pack my own lunches

2) I never forced you to eat just a Grapefruit for breakfast, Cosmopolitan did.

3) Please, don't be so judgmental of my loser friends.

4) There's a difference between being bitchy & being assertive...a BIG difference.

5) You will catch me staring, but be honest...in some situations, you like it when I stare.

6) They're your children as well.

7) Diet, botox, & wax??? See number 2.

8) Size doesn't matter...right?!?!?!?

9) No one likes a freak in the street and a lady/gentleman in the bed...do they?

10) If you can have your ridiculous "off limits" towels & needless pillows...I should be able to play Fantasy Football in peace.

11) I DIDN'T CRY @ THE END OF "RUDY"!!!! I cried @ the end of "Brian's Song"

12) If you don't want to see unattractive men with beautiful women, stop watching "reality" tv shows on Bravo, Oxygen, & the rest of "women's" television.

13) I haven't cheated on you, so don't let your jaded perspective allow you to lower the bar on your expectations of me...or I just might cheat on you.

14) You liked "Paul Blart: Mall Cop"...admit it.

15) Don't elect them if you don't trust them

16) My air-drumming is the s#!t, & you KNOW it.

17) Don't be so touchy. Sometimes...it just MIGHT actually be that time of the month.

18) I didn't ask for your pity...or permission to buy my car, so get your own vehicle & get over it...ALL of it.

*I had to put my dukes up on this one. I really get the ultimate message, & while salaries can't be disputed (I believe in equal pay for equal work) most of the stuff in BOTH ads/parodies are petty, inconsequential, but humorous nonetheless. Don't take this stuff so seriously!!!

Much Luv to All My Ladies.....Puro Peace (Paz) y Chickengrease (La Grasa de Pollo)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Political Rant


I came across an article on Yahoo! about Fox News' newest "Infotainment" correspondent...Sarah Palin. She was reportedly asking for Rahm Emmanuel's resignation for the use of the word "retarded" to describe a tactic used by a liberal special interest group against Conservative Democrats not supportive of healthcare reform. Palin went on to write an entry in her blog called "Are You Capable of Decency? Rahm Emmanuel." I won't get into the details, but the comments left on her facebook blog entry were entertaining, saddening, & frustrating to say the least. I wanted to post a comment myself, but once things got rolling my words were far too much for a single comment (& I didn't want to be bothered reading the responses in my email), so I decided to make it a note instead. Just some food for thought...enjoy.

-I guess we should change the terms "handicap" in golf & "ritard" in music notation, so that no member of the human race can be offended. Despite all that Palin (and much of the people here that have commented) say...EVERYONE has thought, said, & have acted in a manner that supports stereotypes & are politically incorrect in nature. Hell, I & the NAACP could call for Sarah Palin's head for daring to compare this improper choice of words to describe a political tactic to that of a racial slur unjustly placed upon the people of my ancestry, but I wouldn't & I wont...because that would be utterly idiotic.
Perhaps, almost as stupid as all of the silly party politics that have had this country stuck in neutral & aimless for so long. United we stand...divided we fall, so cliche...yet so appropriate. For, as long as we blindly hold onto partisan politics we'll continue to bicker amongst ourselves about something as inane as someone's word choices in a country that is supposed to have freedom of speech.
And as we're distracted by hurt feelings, not sticks, stones, or broken bones, our politicians can continue to enjoy the perks of a career that's privately funded (thanks Supreme Court), such as gifts from special interests for earmarks in legislation that hinder all legislative progress & being overpaid by 30% for doing nothing (bunch-o'-fillibusters). All of this, while so many members of their own constituency are jobless, underpaid, or lack simple health benefits.

God bless America...& God help us all.

In the weeks following these events, Sarah Palin was paid $100, 000 to speak at a Tea Party Event. Being the consumate professional that she is, she presented few ideas & needed to write notes on her hand such as "Budget/Tax Cuts & Lift American Spirits." ON HER HAND!!!! So inspirational. My college speech professor would've been proud.