Thursday, July 5, 2012

Random thoughts on the view from the passenger window.

Riding along IH-71 North, viewing parts of America never before seen in my 30 years of existence...elevated terrain & lush greenery, somewhat unlike that of my homestate, Texas.  Along the way, we drive past a sign that reads, "Site of fatal bus crash--May 14th, 1988".

I was all of six years & five months on that date, & would remain unaware of said tragedy for another twenty-four years. Suddenly, in that moment, I became filled with equal parts gratitude, for each breath is a blessing, & regret that such an unfortunate event took place. Much is made of 'arrivals' that it's easy to take the trip, itself, for granted. I find it a bit sad when you consider that some of us never make it to our desired destination--but it doesn't make the path we take along the way any less beautiful.

This is nothing like a revelation, but something similar to gaining perspective.  Prayers for safe travels to all on this journey called life.

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