Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Return

It's been a long time...I shouldn't have left you...without a few words to reflect to.

Yes, it has been far too long since my last blog entry, but I'M BACK...with a vengeance. Well, not really. We're rapidly approaching the holidays. I'm still trying to get the premiere Boss Level EP completed, & still trying to make sense of all the nonsense. While I've been away, not much has happened. A few misunderstandings due to over done political correctness, but no harm, no casualties.

I fear that I'm growing restless. Every now & then, moments arrive where it almost feels like the world isn't enough. It's as if you're very soul is yearning for someone, something to stir it. Perhaps it was the Halloween season, but during my second month of living solo I began to watch more horror/thriller films wanting to be scared...challenging my psyche to not be affected by the many movies I was watching at the time. I wondered if there was something sadistic about wanting to be frightened. Fear is usually an emotion that most try to avoid, & here I was rushing towards it.

I got through "Trick or Treat," "Session 9," "Martyrs," "Rob Zombie's Halloween remake," "The Friday the 13th remake," "Paranormal Activity" & others. Still, no problem sleeping, but...I guess that's a good thing. Next on the plate is "The Fourth Kind" reviews haven't been too complimentary to this film, but two folks that I know said it creeped the mess out of 'em, so I'm definitely game.

Until next time...keep rockin'.

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