Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moving On

What up world?!?!?!?

-It's been far too long since my last post. I've missed you, but to be completely honest, the break was rather nice. I feel as though not sharing everything via written (or typed) word, I was able to save a little bit for new musical compositions, & boy, are there some new compositions in the works. It's wild how things work out within the arts. Lately, I've added music instructor to the many hats I wear, & the process of teaching others has opened up new creative avenues in my own process. Perhaps it's growth from sharing my knowledge with another, or simply inspiration from the excitement & appreciation that my young students exhibit with each lesson. All I can say is that it's been highly enjoyable & has immensely influenced my outlook on life as of late.

These are the moments I love to relish in. When I can't objectively notice, but yet in still feel creative strides being made. Completing the Boss Level EP has been a trip & a half. Lord knows it's been a long journey, but with that chapter coming to a close, new opportunities presenting themselves, and how the band has been flourishing @ our live shows & in rehearsals, I'm excited for what's next.....whatever that may be.

It's been 5 years here in Dallas. I've seen many friends move on and out to new cities, new jobs, new relationships. It's wild when you take a step back and attempt to take it all in. I know there are many there in the world to like to quantify their life within certain spans of time. "Where do I see myself in 10 years?" Questions like these are prevalent within surveys, personality quizzes, and many people's minds. I feel like I've always been one of those souls that is far more concerned with where am I now than the hypothetical musings of my imagination. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for goal set mindsets, but none of us can predict who or what will come into our lives and shake things up, even the ideal future that our hearts desire & our minds dream of. I hustle hard, but it's never for a material or tangible purpose. I do it for the love, & though that may seem so cliché's true.

I still remain focused. I desire to be a better musician, artist, writer, & human being. I hunger for more knowledge. I long to inspire & be inspired. It's these things that motivate me far more than money.....far more than fame. I'm just thrilled that things are falling into place, that I'm fully open to more growth.....and all that comes with it.

Each & every one of us have dreams.....let's make 'em realities!!!

(I promise I'll keep in touch more often.....salud!)

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