Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Words Choose Themselves....(Sub-Clear-Un-Conscious Musings, Part II)

What Up World!!! It's me again, ready to share some more "poetry" of mine. Stumbling across these gems in some of my old notebooks was a trip! I had a good time typing them up & making small adjustments. They exhibit my romanticism (despite what my friends may say I am, at heart, a hopeless romantic), my constant battles with the ideals of permanence, & my perspectives on being Black in America.....hope you dig.

En - AMOR - ed

I wish my words could stir your soul.

Act as a longing gaze you would dare not break.

An intensely inviting, yet inquisitive stare.

I wish my words could be a soft caress when I'm not there.

Or a symphony of sweet nothings whispering gently in your ear.

Inspiring smiles that start each new day in song,

& mark every evening with a lullaby that soothes you to sleep.

For I watch you lie in beauty softly, & think that this all must be a dream.

I listen to the rain, beat gently against the window pane,

& faintly hear Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"

Holding you, I wish I could join you, in sweet surrender for a while.

I close my eyes & pull you closer to me,

& to calm my restless state I simply picture your smile.

Oh, captivating beauty, how you intrigue me so.

All that makes the mystery of creation so beautiful.

Inspiration lies in the contours of your body.

Fascination lives inside your eyes.

Nurturing lover...sister, daughter, are the essence of life.

Sultry seductress of my soul, I am but a slave to your will.

A simple touch...a single smile...are all evidence that God is real.

To Make A Memory

Moments always fade so quickly,

like the words we forget to say.

Fleeting with the feelings we tend to take for granted,

when foolish pride gets in the way.

Drinking in each moment isn't always easy.

At times it seems you're more likely to drown.

For in a lucid life, sober is safe...but no idea is sound.

We all know that time waits for no one,

& things often never go as planned.

But if you brunt the risk to reach out for someone,

be sure to hold on as tight as you can.

A Black Militant Message To An Endangered Species

We once said...fists up, eyes open, power 2 the people.

We fighting for freedom elsewhere when our rights aren't equal?

I saw the (sur)reality of Katrina & I ain't waiting for the sequel.

Politics are a circus, just look at how they treat you.

Politicians are all the same & their gimmicks are see-thru.

Lobbyists are now their base, so they act like they don't need you.

Strange that ignorance is bliss, but power lies in knowledge.

Ever wonder why there's more black men in prison than in college?

Former felons can't vote or hold public office.

How about we take a closer look at the projects?

View it as a project in institutionalized slavery,

a psychological study in what behavior will be,

when living in poverty with more probablys than possiblys,

a skewed media image, & stereotypes infinite.

Second class citizen, it's their world that you're living in.

Broke, but got to make the rent?

What a sad predicament.

Caught in a trap, they set knowing that crime pays.

When you're expected to survive on $5.25...

until they get you in the system working for 35 cents a day.

Now that sounds like slave wages.

Just turn back the pages.

Peep all the stages,

of how they have made us,

niggers & killers...

prostitutes & pimps.

Conquered by the divide into Bloods & Crips.

(Ain't that some shit?!?!?)

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